About Kaleigh Jones

I am a professional photographer and multimedia artist based in Los Angeles with a B.A. in the Arts from UC Santa Cruz. In my practice I focus on depicting the raw and honest nature of my subjects, with thoughtful attention to vulnerability, imperfection, and unconventional composition. My most meaningful pursuits tend to push my emotional boundaries as well as establish foundations for reflecting on uncomfortable or painful experiences and engrained perceptions. I gravitate toward creating work that will expose an unsettling truth. 

At 14 years old I was gifted my first camera. It quickly became the most important, cherished gift I had ever received. In high school I spent most of my time in the darkroom, honing my craft in analog as I set up photoshoots to reflect the experiences and restless emotions of my teenage years. My interest developed into a deeply driven passion as I went on to college, where I have been awarded multiple project grants for my work, participated in over 10 studio showings, and had my photography exhibited at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. 

I've worked with a wide range of photo equipment and visual content. Always experimenting with new techniques, I am equally comfortable with analog and digital technologies and use both according to the needs of the project. From group and individual portraiture, to street and event photography, to artwork documentation, there is little subject matter that I haven't enjoyed exploring with my camera. 

The themes of my current work are centered around representations of my own mental health struggles and trauma, as well as a personal and collective study of sincere, uncontrived moments in time.  I am meticulous in dissecting the influence that my experiences have had on me and spreading that influence across my work. My practice continues to grow and expand as I use it as a tool for exploring myself and the world around me.

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